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World Environment Day (WED) 2018

Today is an important day for all environment lovers…today is WED 2018! A day to generate awareness about environmental conservation! It is the same environment that gives us air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and security to carry on with our day to day chores.

However, in our fast-paced life, we forget or ignore that what we take as granted is increasingly coming under threat by our very own actions

We live as if there is no tomorrow. However, there is…for us and our future generation!

Celebrating WED is a way to remind ourselves of the need to live in a sustainable way.

It is not as difficult as it seems…we just need to add a few points in our daily to-do list.

  1. Refuse (or atleast reduce use of) disposable plastics, like plastic bottles, plates, cups, spoons, and carry bags.
  2. Reduce shower time…turn off taps when not in use…replace leaky taps and shower caps…save precious water!
  3. Turn off electric points when not in use…hunt for energy saving appliances, when buying new ones
  4. When throwing off an old thing or daily waste, give a serious thought to the possibility of its reuse…Consider reuse, making something out of it, donating or selling it, or otherwise, dispose it off responsibly! Best waste management mantra is…to reduce waste… in the first place!
  5. It’s time to take note of the activities that are recklessly damaging our environment. We can put collective efforts to curb those activities.

India is the global host of WED 2018. The theme, this year, is ”Beat plastic pollution!” We can do it…can’t we? Happy WED 2018!


In this blog, I want to take the idea of ‘eco-conscious use of resources’ further…

By this idea, I mean that while we continue to reap the convenience of latest technologies and products, we give a periodic check to our consumption pattern – Are we using one resource/product way too much? Is that product/resource environmentally sensitive like plastics, water, paper, electronic items, electricity, petrol as fuel…?

If we feel we are (as reflected in our family/corporate budget or just an intuition), next thought can be ‘Can we rationalize the use of that product/resource’?

We DO make such assessments whenever a consumption pattern burns a hole in our pocket.

Costs of certain consumption patterns are not apparent today, but does that mean ‘they do not exist’?

And if there are such seriously high costs, would we still continue with the same old consumption pattern?

Hope this sets us thinking. More on ‘Costs of certain consumption patterns’ in the coming blogs…

Thanks for reading!