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Why open burning should be discouraged in Trivandrum, and other places?

Hi…I was so happy to see the view from our balcony—only natural beauty and no smoke fumes coming from between the trees.

This is a rare sight, I must tell. Our house lies beyond the Municipal range in Trivandrum, Kerala. In this area, people in stand-alone houses burn their household waste in the open.

This practice is so prevalent that it can potentially be a major air pollution issue.

Further, it is not so only in the areas outside the Municipal range. Even in the main city, this practice is followed. Even though it is an age-old practice to burn waste in the open, the issue becomes serious in today’s times as waste has a dangerous mix of wet items and plastics, among others. When burnt in open conditions, it releases gases and particles – it can adversely affect the respiratory system and contribute to global warming, respectively.

The more the practice is followed, the more implications it will have for public health as well as environment. It needs to be replaced by an alternative waste management strategy.

The question is that how can individuals be convinced to change to an eco-friendly waste management way?  The municipal corporations or gram panchayats need to step in.

Waste segregation, and thereafter, collection and disposal, is the way out. A ‘carrot and stick policy’ will help.

While the first step needs to be performed at the household level, the remaining two steps must be performed by public sector, private sector, or both.

Both, public and environmental health need to be accorded top priority.

When the national emphasis is rightly placed on “Swachh Bharat”, thanks to our PM, we need to have a “Swachh Trivandrum” as well.

Modi’s Speech to the Indian Diaspora in US Madison Square – Takeaways

In his inimitable style, Modi in his speech, succeeded in calling on NRIs based in US to have pride on India Brand; and work with him to make India a skill-ful, clean and prosperous nation.
His high points:
1. India is rich in talent, example being Cost-effective, successful on debut Mars Mission
2. India can be clean by year 2019, 150th anniversary of M.K.Gandhi (Father of the Nation); Ganga river clean-up a priority for holistic development of areas around Ganga
3. India can be a leader – Make in India, invitation to NRIs to invest talent and resources to make India better
4. His government working tirelessly to provide better governance, sans outdated laws and their shoddy implementation

He knows the art to pull crowd and deliver heart-warming, inspiratioanl speeches…
We hope we see his vision transformed into reality in coming few years!