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Today, the 25th of March, 2017, is Earth Hour, 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Dear Friends, today, at the above mentioned hour, people from as much as 178 countries, may come together to switch off non-essential lights and power equipments. The idea is to show that we care for our planet and our sustainable living. It may be just a symbolic gesture, given the short span of ‘switching off’…It may lead to limited power savings, as some would argue; others would say that we would need to do much more that just this…I agree, but in this one hour, we get a time to ponder- how important it is to save electricity from fossil fuels; and how each one of us can directly reduce carbon emissions and limit Climate change.

So I am going to try switch off at 8:30 PM for an hour…!

Earth Hour 2016

Earth hour is a symbolic representation of the fact that we care for ‘Our Planet’!
Green house emissions have multiplied with the increasing stress on natural resources. Be it be the increasing population and urbanisation or just human mis-management and greed, there is growing imbalance in nature, amply reflected as ‘Climate change’ globally. It needs to be corrected urgently before it brings our civilization to its knees…
Earth hour is one such step…to create an awareness among each one of us that ‘something’ needs to be done – Development and Nature’s conservation needs to go hand in hand. Not only we would live better as a result, but our future generations too will have a fair chance of good life!
I will switch off our non-essential lights on 19th March 2016 for an hour starting 8:30 pm. I will also try create awareness among my family, friends and peer-group regarding the same.
By participating in the Earth Hour, I become a part of ‘Global Solution for Sustainable Living’…Thanks

Earth Hour 2015 – Today!

Today is one day…to remember that Earth, our planet, needs us…more than ever before! A part of change, she is undergoing, is because of our activity…our development, n our mess…!
So let’s make a statement – even though symbolic, today on Earth hour…
Let’s switch off non-essential lights and electrical appliances tonight…at 8:30pm for 1 hr.
Let’s b a part of this global event, happening in 100 countries.
As we cut on fuel and emissions, during that ‘prime hour’, we remind ourselves and tell younger generation…that we can still curb ‘global warming’ and hence mitigate’ climate change’.

We Participate…We Care!

Impact on Agriculture of Unseasonal rains ( in March 2015) in India – Is it not climate change?

As the Earth Hour for 2015 approaches this March 28, another unseasonal, unexpected climatic phenomenon hits us…this time India…read on!

It is no mystery that Agriculture as a profession and means of livelihood is most vulnerable to the vagaries of nature. Rain, sunshine, winds, high and low temperature, and even snow…all are required for the proper growth of different crops. But the important factor is the timeliness and predictability of climatic patterns. Requirement of each of the above varies with the stages of crop growth.

So if rains and storm are hitting the crop around the the time of harvest, it is no surprise that there will be destruction. And there are socio-economic repercussions…!

A dozen people died and around 90 were injured on Sunday in unseasonal rain and hailstorms in Rajasthan as severe weather triggered by a western disturbance across vast swathes of north and west India caused extensive damage to winter crops ripe for harvest.Officials said heavy rain and hailstones the size of golf balls damaged standing Rabi crops of cumin, mustard, wheat, barley, gram and potato as well as vegetable farms in the countryside which feed all major urban centres in the western and northern states, especially Delhi.” (HT, March 16, 2015)

Other related reports:

Heavy unseasonal rain destroys farmers’ spirits” (ToI, March 16, 2015)

Unseasonal rain damages 80% oilseed, pulse crops in UP” (ToI, March 05, 2015)

Unseasonal rain causes crop loss worth Rs 1,000 crore in Maharashtra” (ToI, March 03, 2015)

Unseasonal Rain Lashes North India” (NDTV, March 02,2015)


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Earth hour 29 March 2014

March 29 is a global event for change – EARTH HOUR – to be a part, you just need to switch off non-essential lights at 8:30 pm for an hour…Why? Because you save precious energy voluntarily n with small savings, ‘piggy bank’ eventually gets full.
In this effort, millions of people across 157 countries will join you…Wanna be a partof change?

The future’s green for new Dubai store | GulfNews.com

The future’s green for new Dubai store | GulfNews.com.

‘The Change Initiative’, a one-stop Green store, founded by Gundeep Singh…inspiring story for start-ups in this field!


Earth Hour celebrations at Al Qasba, 2013!

My reporting of the event at Earth Hour in Sharjah!


My Earth Hour, 2013 participation in Al Qasba, Sharjah!


Went on to paint candles, which were then used to cover candles, arranged in the shape of 60 – Earth Hour logo!
Enjoyed the event by Bee’ah, a Sharjah-based environment company!

Also visited Al Majaz Waterfront!

It was a fun evening with family, for a cause!


Earth Hour, 2013

Earth Hour, 2013

Between 8:30 Pm and 9:30 Pm, please switch off non-essential lights…it results in energy savings, but more importantly, allows you to join in a global movement against protecting Environment and Earth. You make a statement, and you feel a part of a Global Community (around 150 countries participating including India and UAE) working for a common cause…
Join in events across the World…check the link below:
http://uae.panda.org/earthhour/events_eh13/ (for UAE events)
http://www.wwfindia.org/ (for India events)y

Happy Earth Hour!