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Blog 3 – Climate Change Series – Paris Deal:Leaders of 187 countries stamping on the need to take action

Hello, before we go to the details of the Paris Climate Conference 2015, we may summarize its result as a first-ever confluence of global political will to acknowledge and tackle Climate Change.

If leaders of 187 countries are stamping on the importance to act on Climate Change, how can you and me still deny it?

This is quite significant…but action is more important.

Coming over to the details…Signed on December 12, 2015 with United Nations taking the charge, 187 countries came together to commit global average temperature rise to 1.5 degree Celsius before Pre-industrial level in the Paris Climate Conference, (also called COP21)

A series of fund-raising pledges by countries and cutting down of global emissions have been agreed to. Salient points are as follows:

  1. Long-term global goal for ‘net-zero emissions’ – The time-frame agreed to for this global pledge is second half of this century. However, the significance of this lies in the fact that a clear economic message has been passed on to the markets, hopefully driving action.
  2. Pledges of cut in carbon emissions- Although not legally binding, 187 countries have submitted this pledge (Intended Nationally Defined Contributions, or INDCs)
  3. Stock-taking every five years – First global stock-taking in 2023, and then after every five years to stay firmly on track
  4. Funds – Members in a non-legal way, are required to mobilize funds to help developing countries to adapt to climate change and move on to cleaner economy.

(Source: Source: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/dec/12/paris-climate-deal-key-points#img-2)

Well, no strict deadlines…no fixed fund flow from one country to another…but a clear realization that Climate Change is Real, and we need to act as One. Action of one not only affects that country but the world as a whole…and so the Paris Agreement…

A step in the right direction…!

In the next few blogs, discussion on the urgency to Act, several ways in which we as individuals can be a part of Solution, the Waste Connection to Climate change……..

……………Please come back for more…Thanks for reading!


(Source: Source: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/dec/12/paris-climate-deal-key-points#img-2)






World Environment Day 2015 – Today, the 5th of June – Significance for India?

Well, June 5 may be taken as just another date in calendar. However, it may also be used to reflect on the current status of Environment and climatic conditions. For developing countries like India, this reflection is more relevant. On one hand, India with its burgeoning population, struggles to manage  current resource utilization and waste management ; on the other, it wants (& needs) to develop rapidly, unfortunately placing further demand on a fragile environment base. So what does India do? Ignore environment and go full-on on development? CAN INDIA REALLY DO THAT???

Seeing at the current climatic imbalance, I think answer should be NO.

Let me explain: In the previous posts, it was discussed that how un-seasonal rains in March caused a major loss to Indian Economy; and now it is the forecast of ‘deficient rainfall’ during the monsoon months of June to August.

Not that it is the first time monsoon is forecasted to be abnormal; but this is second year in a row and it can impact India majorly – How? A few ways listed…

  1. Fifty percent of its population is dependent on Agriculture (Economic Times, 2014); lower monsoon rains mean lower agricultural productivity and production; causing a direct impact on the income and purchasing power of this segment of population
  2. Farmers are already under great stress due to recent unseasonal rains and existing lacunae in Indian agricultural sector; and for smaller, indebted farmers, lower monsoon rains spell DISASTER and DOOM – a social tragedy for India
  3. Industries like fertilizers; agri-banking; food-processing; textiles etc. would face a direct hit due to lower agricultural input and output – another way how Indian economy will be adversely impacted.
  4. Inflation can face a major spike through two ways – lesser power generation as hydro-electric power generation will go down; diesel demand to go up; and increase in price of food and other supplies due to decreased supply.

While growth will be adversely impacted, inflation can see a surge for all segments of population – an almost ‘WORST-CASE SCENARIO’ for India. Stock markets have already started displaying this sentiment. (Economic Times, 2015)

So India needs to be concerned about climate change; and hence needs to put Environment concerns on equal footing as Development.

To me, this is the “Only Way Going Forward…!”

Happy World Environment Day Everyone!


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Earth Hour 2015 – Today!

Today is one day…to remember that Earth, our planet, needs us…more than ever before! A part of change, she is undergoing, is because of our activity…our development, n our mess…!
So let’s make a statement – even though symbolic, today on Earth hour…
Let’s switch off non-essential lights and electrical appliances tonight…at 8:30pm for 1 hr.
Let’s b a part of this global event, happening in 100 countries.
As we cut on fuel and emissions, during that ‘prime hour’, we remind ourselves and tell younger generation…that we can still curb ‘global warming’ and hence mitigate’ climate change’.

We Participate…We Care!