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Austrian Memories – June 2014

Innsbruck, Austria (visited in June, 2014):

It is a beautiful city, worth a visit!

Greenery around, with mountains and brooks…

Our hotel was opposite Olympia World…

Room on the 10th floor, which was the top floor….

We had booked the room under the “Innsbruck package”.

Apart from the good room in a good hotel, we got the Innsbruck Card under this package.

The best part of Innsbruck stay was Nordketten Railways and Hungerburg Funicular – The ascent of 2000m above sea-level all the way to Hafelekar (and descent) was awe-inspiring. The view was spectacular and there were patches of snow as well. We had lots of walking up and down, but it was nothing as compared to the insatiable adventure spirit of bikers and hikers, who could be seen all over the mountain slopes…

Certain museums we visited were good; the open areas were all nice, especially near the Old Town.

However, the commercial entities as well as museums close by 6:00 PM and 5:00 PM respectively. (This is for the month of June.) Hence while the sun sets only by around 9 PM, the city is closed much earlier. Well, this is true for most European cities I guess, in the summer months.

Evening times, people, locals and tourists alike, flock to common areas like the Old Town, sip beer while watching the crowd and the events around.

In short, it is a wonderfully planned and managed hill city.


Vienna, Austria (visited in June, 2014):

Vienna is a beautiful city, but poles apart as compared to Innsbruck.

It is a city known for its awesome architecture and diverse culture. There are churches, palaces, parks, monuments and….people from several parts of the world!

Moreover, it is a city well on its track to grow…

Public transport comprises Underground metro (called U Bahn), Suburban metro (called S-Bahn), trams and buses, city airport metro (not to miss, sight-seeing coaches and trams). Every place seems to be as it should e – be it the airport, or the parks and gardens, or the malls and supermarkets.

Vienna boasts of being one of the safest cities in the world. We agree, because eerily we felt safe, even in the train platforms, which were deserted from 6 PM onwards. Later on, we found out that the hotspots remained crowded, way until mid-night.

Basically, we felt that the facilities provided were way more than the need of its existing population.

The palaces (Hofburg and Schonbrunn Palace) are beautiful.

I suggest taking the Schonbrunner Panorama train in Schonbrunn Palace – it is cost-efficient, and gives you a feel of the entire area…Do not miss the panoramic view of Vienna from the central stop of this train.

As far as Vienna card is concerned, it is reasonably priced and covers public transport which is a great convenience. It gives token discounts on most tourist attractions. However, it succeeded in adding certain tourist areas in our itinerary, which we might have otherwise missed J

Vegetarian food was not an issue here – since ‘kebaps’ and sandwiches cafeteria abound. Also supermarkets have at least some vegetarian offerings. Various types of cheese are also on offering.

This may be attributed to a greater number of residents and tourists from Indian sub-continent and Middle East, here in Vienna as compared to Munich, Germany.

In short, Vienna is a safe, clean and beautiful city which is capable of offering liberating living conditions.

One thing was common in Munich, Vienna and even Innsbruck –

People seem to have a fine work-life balance, tilted a little towards the latter J

At the end, I want to PARK this thought – How do men and women here, have so much time to relax in PARKS with friends and family?