Where India stands in corruption vis-a-vis the world? Corruption Perception Index, 2013

In India in the last few years, national debate has revolved round corruption. While some vehemently demand a corruption-free India, some others believe that the issue is hyped out of proportion…

Just to set things in perspective, here is the comparison provided by Transparency International among countries in terms of Corruption Perception Index (i.e. related to perception of corruption in public sector)

Among 177 countries, India stands at the 94th position (1 being the best and 177 being the worst). While Denmark, New Zealand and Finland are the top clean countries, Afghanistan,  North Korea and Somalia are the bottom three.

India is better than Russia (127/177), however, it fares worse than the other BRICS countries. Brazil has a rank of 72, China 80 and South Africa again 72.

USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan and most European countries occupy the top positions….

On the other hand, violence-hit, poverty hit countries of Asia, Africa and Middle East are among the worst performers…

Clearly, countries with lower corruption are high up on development…We can also say that developed countries are better able to tackle corruption at public sector level, at least…

Going by this logic, India needs to tackle corruption to pace up its development; AND  also need to use its development to better tackle corruption, along the way to the top…!

If we WANT, we CAN!

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