Modi’s Speech to the Indian Diaspora in US Madison Square – Takeaways

In his inimitable style, Modi in his speech, succeeded in calling on NRIs based in US to have pride on India Brand; and work with him to make India a skill-ful, clean and prosperous nation.
His high points:
1. India is rich in talent, example being Cost-effective, successful on debut Mars Mission
2. India can be clean by year 2019, 150th anniversary of M.K.Gandhi (Father of the Nation); Ganga river clean-up a priority for holistic development of areas around Ganga
3. India can be a leader – Make in India, invitation to NRIs to invest talent and resources to make India better
4. His government working tirelessly to provide better governance, sans outdated laws and their shoddy implementation

He knows the art to pull crowd and deliver heart-warming, inspiratioanl speeches…
We hope we see his vision transformed into reality in coming few years!

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