Some interesting UAE-based green facts – Have a look!

Food for thought:

1. Almost 80 per cent of all products sold in the world end up as waste within six months of purchase.
2. The average plastic bag takes one second to make, is used for around 20 minutes and takes up to 400 years to degrade.
3. A wind turbine in the Abu Dhabi desert converts humidity in the air into 1,000 litres of clean drinking water every day.
4. Most soil in the UAE is 85 per cent sand, with less than 1 per cent organic content. Nutrients in soil with no clay content drain out of the soil quicker.
5. The world’s energy consumption has risen by 85 per cent over the past 30 years.
Source: ALIVE, Being Part of a Living Planet, published June 2012 by Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing, Dubai

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