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Earth hour 29 March 2014

March 29 is a global event for change – EARTH HOUR – to be a part, you just need to switch off non-essential lights at 8:30 pm for an hour…Why? Because you save precious energy voluntarily n with small savings, ‘piggy bank’ eventually gets full.
In this effort, millions of people across 157 countries will join you…Wanna be a partof change?


Food for thought: 1. Almost 80 per cent of all products sold in the world end up as waste within six months of purchase. 2. The average plastic bag takes one second to make, is used for around 20 minutes and takes … Continue reading

For all women & all men who care for women in their lives…Upcoming International Women’s Day!

I saw today the first episode of ‘Satyameva Jayate – Season 2’, a show discussing different facets of problems and solutions pertaining to Indian society.

This episode talked about ‘Rape or Sexual Assault’. Something, which is so often heard through media, and scarily, also sometimes through neighbors, friends and family.

It talked about the systemic failure to respond to this torture, inflicted on women of all ages.

Police, hospitals, courts – The three places where a rape victim would turn to support and justice…However, low conviction rates, lack of appropriate staff with relevant training and/or facilities, lack of a standard approach/procedure mandated by law,general apathy towards victims etc. increase the trauma of victims manifold.

However, this is not all – the ‘make or break’ role is to be played by society.

‘Rape victims being treated as accused’ – What mentality is this?

Only when all of us, decide that the one we are up against is the criminal and not the victim, can the country move forward…!

“99% society up against 1% rapist” – That’s how it is put, in the show!

Link to the Newly Amended THE CRIMINAL LAW (AMENDMENT) ORDINANCE, 2013 –

Try to catch up with this episode!

Jai Hind!