What world is witnessing in the last one month or so, is it not ‘Climate change’? Europe’s Christmas party was spoiled by unprecedented chill wave n floods..resulting in mobility issues n power outages. In US, Christmas went thankfully fine, but a very Chilly new year eve n beyond followed…Canada is on ‘extreme cold weather alert’…Dubai is experiencing unusual cold n rains in the usually ‘pleasant season’ of December-January. Whole of North India is gripped in cold wave…not unexpected in winters  EXCEPT that dip in temperature n fog is breaking all records… and the list goes on!
It is the question of facing unprecedented climatic conditions…we are not fully prepared for the ‘uncertainty’.
It is truly now the question of coping with the unexpected on an increasing frequency.

Apart from facing the wrath of nature, what more can we do? Strike at the root of the issue…question is how.

What causes ‘Climate change’? Global warming (GW)…How can GW be abated? GW is due to trapping of heat in the atmosphere due to increased concentration of ‘greenhouse gases’. This increase in lower atmosphere’s temperature changes the movement of oceanic winds, causing weather patterns to change and stick for longer periods.
So where these greenhouse gases come from?
From the waste and manufacturing processes and fuel burning – all on the rise!
But increased consumerism and industrialization are bound to result in all of the above.
So what can be done?

Eco- conscious use of resources…less is more! (More on this in the coming blogs)

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