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‘Triple Bottom Line’ for measuring corporate growth

‘Triple Bottom Line’ for measuring corporate growth

Have you heard of the ‘Triple Bottom Line (TBL)’ of an enterprise? Earlier, it was only ‘Profit’ (P)…now it is ‘People’ (P) and ‘Planet’ (P) as well, i.e. 3 Ps…that means more and more corporations are looking to measure their performance in not only financial aspect, but also social and environment…
BTW, the credit of coining this slogan in the year 1994 goes to John Elkington, the founder of a British consultancy called SustainAbility…

More on this in the article in ‘The Economist’ with link above…



Clean Up UAE

Clean-up UAE…a campaign lasting 4 December to 12 December UAE…

Lets gear up for it…!

At the ‘Middle East Green’ exhibition – 28th to 30th October, 2013



Story of Stuff – Breaking old patterns!

Story of Stuff – Breaking old patterns!

It shows the route followed by our Material economy…
At almost every level of the chain, from extraction to disposal, natural resources, communities, personal time and leisure has been mis-used…Phrases and terms like ‘bumping into our limits’, ‘having only 1 planet’, ‘planned obsolescence’ (designed for the dump) and ‘perceived obsolescence’ (fashion, ads), ‘externalized costs of production‘ and more…drive home the point which is:

‘The present culture of materialism and consumerism did’nt just come on its own…People created it (the old system)..and we are also people – so let us create something new…!’

Read it to convince yourself and tell others of the need to ‘reduce , reuse, recycle and recover’…That is the only ‘practical way going forward’!