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Toward Zero Waste: Waste Pickers Running Biogas Plants in Mumbai, India | Other Worlds

Toward Zero Waste: Waste Pickers Running Biogas Plants in Mumbai, India | Other Worlds.

Classic example of waste creating real jobs for those who really need it (low-income group female waste pickers) in a city which badly needs (organic) waste management (Mumbai)

Kudos to NGO, Stree Mukti Sanghatana (SMS) for bringing to existence, Parisar Vikas (PV) program to train informal recyclers as “parisar bhaginis,” or “neighborhood sisters.”

A key innovation in PV’s model is the adoption of a locally viable technology for biogas creation, called the Nisargruna Biogas Plant.

Plant operation is relatively simple as the technology was designed to be used by non-skilled workers. (More on this in the above article)


  • Unlike composting operations, a biogas plant does not create unpleasant decomposing odors
  • Does not take up a large amount of space – Only 50 m2 are required for a plant that processes 100 kg per day.
  • The resulting biogas is 85 percent methane, more efficient than the 50 percent methane typical of most biogas plants, which SMS attributes to Nisargruna’s two-step aerobic/anaerobic process.
  • Reduces the need for waste pick up, transport, and disposal, as well as the pollution associated with these activities. It also avoids the pollution that results from landfilling wet waste: methane emissions, toxic leachate, and odors.

Mohammad Bin Rashid Solar Park goes live |

Mohammad Bin Rashid Solar Park goes live |

Dubai launched its first solar park (solar power station), which is expected to produce 24 Million KW of power every year…Dubai wants to diversify its energy sources …aim is “to have an energy mix consisting of five per cent solar, 12 per cent nuclear, 12 per cent clean coal and 71 per cent natural gas by 2030.” This is the first of several phases of this project; “Work on phase two will start in six months and is expected to be complete in three years.” The project is fully funded and owned by DSCE.