My thoughts on 8th March, 2013 – International Women’s Day!

Today on International Women’s Day (08/03/2013), I am feeling differently than all earlier Women’s Days. Actually, this is the first time I am actually feeling something on this day…I am feeling proud to be a woman. This may have something to do with the recent spate of crime against women, reported in India, and actually all over the world. Let me explain the link…

By the way, when I say ‘woman’, it means anyone, from an infant girl to an old woman.

Women-related crimes are not new, but still occurrences seem to have increased…too much violence, too much aggression, and at the receiving end is the fairer sex, or, shall I say, the ‘physically weaker sex’. To add up to the miseries of a woman, is the patriarchal social order and dysfunctional law and order mechanism.

When the occurrences of crime cross a limit, voices are raised. Our society is undergoing that churn. While the evilness of society is raising its head to crush the right of a woman to live with equality, a wave of protest is rising to counter it. That wave comprises of sane individuals who believe that dignified co-existence of genders is critical to leading human race towards peace and prosperity.

This phenomenon is affecting society in two ways – While voices are being raised against unacceptable behavior and mindsets, women are getting to that point that they FEEL and realized their importance for the society, at large.

So, I too, FEEL that despite my insecurities as a woman, I also have an important role to play in the dynamics of society! As a gender, a female is critical for the sustenance of human race, in more ways than one.  And if a section of society is bent towards treating her unfairly, then she can surely muster her immense inner strength to undo the wrong-doing.

That conviction has surfaced in me, in the wake of rise in crimes and subsequent uprising. I want to believe that the BALANCE between genders will be restored, sooner than later.

To all fellow women, wishing you an ‘enlightened Women’s Day’!

2 responses to “My thoughts on 8th March, 2013 – International Women’s Day!

  1. I agree ! While on this, pls read my post “Law and Life in Rageistan” –
    Feedback and comments welcome.


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